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Management and Leadership

As a leader, you work through reflection on theory and practice to develop your understanding of the daily management complexity.

You must be able to exercise personal leadership in daily practice, and on this basis, evaluate which of the management methods are relevant to apply in specific management situations. Management theory, Personal leadership style and development, Communication, Learning and development processes, Conflict management

Can be completed with or without exam. Adapt to your needs.

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Strategic sales and Key Account Management 

The purpose is to give you the power to independently manage, analyze, organize and execute sales at a strategic level.

Give you skills in managing the sources and number of leads (leads), sales management and key account management.
In addition, knowledge of and understanding of purchasing strategy and risk management in sales efforts.

Key account management, Relationship sales, Project sales, Trust-based consulting, Purchasing behavior and purchasing strategy, Sales center, Negotiation, Sales management, Motivation
and coaching, Sales Strategy, Sales Planning, Pipeline Management, Network and Social Media Sales, Sales Risk Management,

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Basic sales and sales psychology

Is about giving salespeople an understanding of basic sales psychology and competence to act in relation to different customer behavior, adapt their own behavior and communication to different
customer types to achieve better sales results. Introduction to basic techniques related to planning implementation and follow-up at a sales meeting.
Understanding the importance of planning, and skills in using concrete tools to plan and prioritize your time effectively.

Personal profile and personal behavior, Identification of customer motives and -Measures, Verbal and nonverbal communication, Communication tools and models, Questioning and active listening, Subject generation, Telephone sales and meeting booking, Presentation techniques, Objectives, Value-based sales, Personal planning and development, Stress management, After sales service.

Can be completed with or without exam. Adapt to your needs.

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Strategic Leadership 

The point is to strengthen the managerial leadership power by developing the ability to understand, relate to, interpret and communicate the strategic leadership processes, conditions, dimensions and perspectives. Execute strategies.

  • Strategic theories and models
  • Strategic analysis, development and implementation
  • Development of management processes that translate the strategy into practice.
  • A process that creates ownership meaning and action on the part of employees and managers in the organization / department
  • Change processes and change management
  • Personal, reflected and authentic leadership in the strategy process.

Can be completed with or without exam. Adapt to your needs.

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Coaching and Conflict management 

You develop your leadership skills with a special focus on the manager's role in coaching as a conflict management process.
Communication theory perspective, which includes coaching as a tool for conflict management, mediation and team coaching.
In addition, as an essential element is emotional intelligence, so that the individual's relationships in conflict management are optimally developed.
Models & tools for conflict management and solution at the individual / group and organizational level where the organization is in the highest context. Coaching as one of the tools for conflict management at the individual / department / team level. Communication theory and models related to organizational conflict / resolution / solution.
The organizational framework and the processes surrounding the conflict situations Psychology - the mindset and the managerial / employee competencies related to the area.

Can be completed with or without exam. Adapt to your needs.

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