We have more than 30 years of experience in organizational and business development.

We find that there are 6 essential things to work on to grow:
  1. As a manager / owner, you must have a strong will. You should!
  2. You know your customers' needs, wants and pains.
  3. You have to be it for the customers! You have to be one of the best - world champions. "It's not enough to be good!
  4. As a leader, you must create community - inspire, motivate and involve. 
  5. You must do it togetherI must have a flexible business model in relation to the market requirements, so that you can exploit growth & export opportunities. You must be able to change gears!
  6. You must use target numbers that motivate! The goals are used positively to create development.

We want to help ensure a lasting earning ability in the companies we work with, and thus help ensure long-term success.

Leadership around the company's business models is as crucial to success as the business model. Our starting point is the combination of developing and executing a business model that is linked to strong leadership on the one hand and governance on the other.

We see customers and your company's customers as key partners in value creation, focusing on creating a future by developing and executing a unique business model based on a strong leadership that is able to inspire others such as employees, customers and other partners, and together with them creating the future.

Kim Tange

Sales and growth is where Kim Tange can offer the greatest value to a company and board of directors. Kim's approach is commercial / customer oriented, so that the company is sufficiently agile to adapt to what is happening in the markets.

Kim has extensive experience with business development / models and growth in many different industries and types of companies. And the starting point is sales and growth, from sales and export strategies to execution and practice.

Kim`s consulting style is informal and adapted to the situation, as well as very goal oriented when it comes to sales and growth.

Kim, of course, makes available his large network to further the company's goals.
With several years of management, management and board experience, my work focus is on creating value for your company.

Kim holds a Master of Change Management, a Bachelor of Business Economics, a Bachelor of Business Learning, and many Certificate courses in Business Development, Leadership, Sales, Quality, Coaching and Personal Profiles.

You can see more about Kim Tange at Linkedin

Contact information:

Kim Tange

+45 28 590 598


Among other things, we have completed tasks for:

Addeco, ADJ, BeepTreat Bristol, C&S Security, Cisco, Dansani, Dansk Textil & Beklædning, DI, DSB, Erhverv Randers, Focuscare, Falck Nutec, Green Comfort, Harris Interactive, HK Danmark, HR solutions, IBM, Inwido, IT Forum Gruppen, Kiropraktorerne, Landbrug & Fødevarer, Landbrugets Rådgivningscenter (Seges), Lemvigh Müller, LMO, McDonalds, Post Danmark, Protec Vinduer, Randers Havn, Randers Kommune, Sjørring, TempTeam, Tjørnbo, Treco, Tuwano, Vandmiljø Randers, Viasat, Villum Fonden m.fl.

Business Help Team, Sindalsvej 37, 1, 8240 Risskov, kim@2begreat.dk  eller kim@businesshelpteam.dk  +45-28 590 598, cvr.nr. 34130116