Consulting services

If your company is facing challenges, we can help you with advice on: 

Board and / or advisory board set-up / establishment
Board EvaluationGrowth Business Development / Strategy 
Development / Business Models
ExportSales performance
Documentation reports
Digitization; clarification & implementation
Fundraising and investors

It can take place in Danish and English if you wish.

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Executive management sparring & -coaching

We can offer manager or management team sparring / coaching.
Our starting point is personally combined with the business as well as the organization the individual or team is in.
The starting point is, of course, the challenge (s) faced by the individual manager or team.
We can either arrange processes or clip cards for the company's management.

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Has conducted many management sparring and coaching sessions. Kim has cetificates from two coach programs.

Digitalization; Clarification & implementation

Based on your business and business model, we can advise on clarifying the company's digitalisation potential as well as being project managers on digitization projects when it comes to e-commerce and related systems. We are not IT nerds, but have experience and knowledge about implementing digitalization projects, from project start-up, to clarification of needs, requirements specifications, supplier selection, and implementation in daily life. Of course in collaboration with current or new IT vendors. We have worked on implementing many different changes in companies, and know what it takes to succeed with the implementation in connection with digitization of the company.

Is approved consultant for SMEs: Digital programs

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Board or advisoryboard set-up

We can help you and your company establish the entire set-up for your upcoming board or advisory board.
We can also help you update your current set-up so you get a board that can add even more value to the business.
We have it all ready for you and can quickly adapt it to the set-up you want.

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Board evaluation

It may be important to conduct a board evaluation in which the board assesses itself on a number of parameters, such as, for example. skills, experience, knowledge of specific topics, composition, assessment of whether the board's set-up works properly etc.
The Board evaluation provides the basis for improvements so that the Board's work can add even more value to the company. There are several ways the Board evaluation can be carried out. If you want to hear more then contact us.

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Green transition

We can advise on strategy & business development, growth plans, including exports, CSR, Sustainability, 17 global development goals and testing new concepts and business models as well as new and existing technologies.
Business potentials in circular design, product testing etc. Digitization in relation to sustainable solutions.
Business development in relation to sustainability. Innovative and sustainable business models.

Digitization - streamlining sustainability, through better processes, data utilization, green power etc .. Sustainable products in relation to sustainable business models. Marketing of sustainable products abroad

The UN's 17 world goals, depending on the industry and the company's strategy, focus on one or more world goals, and plans for implementing execution in practice.

We are approved consultants for the Green and Circular programs

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If you want to grow your business, we can help as we have many years of experience in how small and medium businesses can grow.
Among other things, we are based on "Growing your business - Kickass Companies", which is a new growth model based on research we have conducted at the SMEs that have experienced great growth.
And they turned out to be doing something that you can now use as a growth tool, the "KAC GROWTH model".
You can read more about the "KAC GROWTH model" at 

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